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SongSpace with Brian Junker and Kayla Schureman

Brian Junker runs a program called SongSpace from the Unitarian Universalist Church i ShadySide.  Kayla Schureman came also to play a few tunes prior to her show playing at SongSpace with Antje Duvecot that night.

MP3 Audio                 HD Video

Note: The audio quality is not the normal quality due to technical issues at the broadcast studio.

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The 35 Best Folk Music Venues in the U.S.

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23 Hours: The Life of a Full-Time Touring Musician – Cuepoint – Medium

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Evan and Melissa

Evan and Melissa Knauer stopped in to the studio to play some songs and talk. They have been a musical force in Pittsburgh for many years individually and collectively in different bands over the years. Evan formed A.T.S and plays in numerous other bands. Melissa was in Fuzzy Comets and Junk Fingers. They are also invloved in the local activist community donating their time and talent to many worthwhile causes. Check out their websites for more info about their music.

MP3 on          HD Video on YouTube

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Georgia English

Georgia English is a Nashville based singer-songwriter originally from the Bay Area of San Francisco. She graduated from Berkeley School of Music in Boston. Her songs are from the heart, sincere and genuine. Her sound is roots oriented, old soul timeless singing for such a young woman. Check out her website at

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Cubbage aka Anthony Cubbage is a talented singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia area that started out learning to work on the technical side of the music industry as a recording engineer/producer etc while attending Ithaca University. He left to pursue performing his own songs and after you hear his voice I can’t imagine him doing anything else.

MP3 Audio on         HD Video on YouTube

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Kevin Finn

Kevin Finn on acousticSongs LIVE! from WNJR Studios. You can find his latest release, Talisman, Bandcamp.

MP3 on       HD Video on YouTube Channel

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